Today, all manufacturers, from well-established automotive giants to talented newcomers, are adding more electric vehicles (EVs) to their lineup to prepare for a green future — and here in Ontario, Canada, we are focused on building the cars of tomorrow.

A New Wave of Vehicles

Ontario has seen massive proposed investments by industry leaders in the EV sector.

  • Ford - $1.8B to produce EV batteries and 5 new electric vehicle models
  • Stellantis - $1.5B over 3 years to upgrade its assembly plant and build electric vehicles
  • General Motors - $1B to produce the BrightDrop all-electric delivery van, the 1st produced by a mainstream automaker in Canada

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Electric vehicles live here

Electric vehicles live here

Experts predict Ontario will be a crucial jurisdiction in the global production and development of EVs. Leran why Ontario is a driving force in EV production.