Shape AI into a force for good – from Ontario

In Ontario, we understand that only by embracing the larger trend can we steer these technologies toward a path to a brighter future. It’s our responsibility as pioneers of machine learning −and besides, it’s the perfectly Canadian thing to do.

Modern artificial intelligence (AI) was pioneered in Ontario, beginning more than 30 years ago. It’s where Geoffrey Hinton, the godfather of deep learning, first discovered "neural nets." Since then, Canada became the first country in the world to adopt a national strategy for artificial intelligence, while cities across the country, including Ontario’s own Toronto, Waterloo and Ottawa, have attracted global attention and major investments to our AI ecosystem. In fact, in September 2018 alone, Ontario attracted over $1 billion dollars in investment into its AI sector by tech giants that include Intel, Microsoft and Uber, all while tech job creation in Toronto continues to outpace the Bay Area, Seattle and New York City combined.

Learn why the world’s largest companies are coming here to solve real-world problems with artificial intelligence. Ontario is Open for Business.

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Guide to overcoming five of the most common challenges to AI adoption

Download our guide to overcoming five of the most common challenges to AI adoption.

Where artificial intelligence lives

Where artificial intelligence lives

Companies large and small are coming to Ontario to harness AI to uncover solutions to problems once thought impossible. Learn more about Ontario's artificial intelligence sector in this downloadable guide.