Where we are

In the heart of North America

Ontario’s mass of land and lakes extends from a mineral-rich north to the farms and vineyards of the south, pierced by a dense urban corridor that runs east-west along the United States border.

Like the freshwater Great Lakes that shape our borders, we’re big. Bigger than Texas. More than double the size of California. And we’re connected: an easy drive across any of 14 border crossings to the United States, just a hop by air to New York City, Washington or Chicago, a straight shot to Tokyo, London or any major destination.

Who we are

Vast, Young & Diverse

A diverse population of more than 14 million, (and growing every year) Ontario is home to 40% of Canada’s population and one of North America’s largest jurisdictions. In fact, if we were a U.S. state, we would rank fifth by population. We are also younger than the rest of the G7. Millennials, those aged 18 to 34, are the largest generation in many of our largest cities, including Toronto, Ottawa and Kitchener-Waterloo. Indeed we’ve welcomed people from more than 150 countries, a diversity expressed in the symphony of languages spoken on our streets.

Ontario's immigrant population

By place of birth

Circle graph showing percentage of foreign born people in Ontario
  • America: 12.7%
  • Africa: 5.9%
  • Asia: 48.5%
  • Europe: 29.7%
  • United States: 2.8%
  • 29% of Ontarians are foreign-born
That would rank Ontario #5 By population if it were a U.S. state

What we do

We're the economic engine of Canada

In the 20th century, Ontario’s economy was built on the strength of traditional industries: natural resources, manufacturing, farming and food production. Those mainstay sectors remain vibrant, even as they retool to apply new technologies and innovations to compete in the digital age.

But Ontario is also where the new economy has emerged in force. It’s where financial services are broadening into fintech and revolutionizing the way we invest. Where artificial intelligence is ushering in the era of safer, cleaner connected transportation. And where stem cell research is leading to a world where we cure and even prevent deadly diseases.

That’s what’s special about Ontario: it’s where new innovations, platforms and technologies meet the muscle of the industrial economy. It’s a place to test new ideas. A place that can drive real economic growth for the next generation.